General questions about handpainted products

-Sneakers in general between 70€ and 300€ or more.
-Hats between 15€ and 30€.
-T-shirts between 30€ and 50€.
-Sweatshirts between 40€ and 80€
- Wallets between 40€ and 60€
-Purses: large between 40€ and 80€
-Purses: small between 30€ and 60€
- Bags: small between 30€ and 60€.
              Large between 40€ and 80€.
- Cases between 30€ and 60€.
All these prices are approximate, if you order a very simple or very complicated design, all of those could vary.

-When the design is very difficult and therefore, it requires more time to be painted.

-When the design is realistic, such as portraits of real characters.

-When you request more than two sides of the shoe to be painted. I usually paint two, but you can order one, two, three or four.

-When you want to request a different type of shoe than the one we offer and that would mean that its price for style or place to buy it, would be different. Also buying it independently would mean that the shipping costs would apply only to that particular product and not to a larger group of shoes.

- When you choose standard shipping. I use registered shipping, and it is what I recommend as it ensures its arrival 100% by being monitored, responding for misplacement and any problems. You can, however, choose standard shipping, which is cheaper, but it does not ensure that they arrive or they arrive in not good condition. I am not responsible if something happens because the decision to choose this cheaper shipping would be yours, even knowing all the consequences.

For hand painted items:

-From the store “Stock items”. Shipping would be immediate.

-From the store “preorder products” where you choose size, color ... and shipping takes a few weeks to have to be created from scratch.

For printed items with my designs:

- From the store “designed printed items”. Shipping would be straight away by adding it in the cart.

For portraits and illustrations: 

-For this one you will have to contact me. You can do it through any of the contact forms on my website.

Payment via Paypal or credit card.

-From my front page, go to the "Personalise your own items by yourself" section or from the menu to "shop” then “customizer" and use the customizer tool. There you can attach the images or design you have in mind, adjust the size and placement of the image by yourself. Send me the design you create and I will have a better idea of what you want.

-If you are not sure about the customizer tool, your idea is more difficult to capture in it or you just want more assistance, text me using the contact form describing me all the possible details about your idea and attaching the necessary images so I´ll be able to understand your idea. 

-If you still require extra assistance, contact me by texting me over my Whatsapp . You will see the Whatsapp symbol all the time in the bottom right corner on this website.

Once you have chosen one of the 3 procedures above, and know the design you want, I would proceed to provide you with the quote. But this doesn't have to be a final price, there is absolute flexibility to modify your idea and design to adapt it to all your needs and budget (maximum of 3 edits please, because I can't be modifying small things forever).

Only when you agree with everything, I would need you to provide me the size of the item to order (if it's sneakers, more details in the question below "How can I know my foot size for a custom sneakers?". If there are other items go to the question bellow " How do I know any item size?").

Payment by Paypal or bank transfer.

IMPORTANT: I recommend you to measure every garment you are going to buy. It is not a good idea to choose the size randomly. ALWAYS measure, please.
This applies to all or almost all items in my store.
My recommendation is to use a flexible sewing tape measure.
Each item will specify where to take the measurements needed to figure out the sizing.
You will simply need to measure yourself in the specified areas. Usually these are:

For shoes there are more details in the question below "How do I find out my foot size for a custom sneaker?"

You can pay through:


-Credit or debit card.
-Bank transfer

It depends mainly on whether it is in stock, pre-order or custom order.


Preparation time

Shipping aprox time 

Stock Items

Tow working days

10 days

Preorder Items

3 weeks minimum 

10 days

Orders using Customizer

3 weeks minimum 

10 days

Orders using contact forms

3 weeks minimum 

10 days

Orders using whatsapp

3 weeks minimum 

10 days

The preparation time includes having all the necessary data to start an order, including size, final design and payment.
Only from that point would the preparation time start to count.

Your collaboration determines the arrival time of the items as well and this may vary.

- Obtain the item (in case it is not in stock from any website or from any physical store) and wait for its arrival.

-  Figuring out the size of the item based on the specific measurements. (Highly recommended)

- Receiving payment and shipping time.

- Painting, drying, photo and video shoot, preparation, packaging and shipping.

-Not necessarily. You don't have to do it if you don't want to. Normally I look after everything and I acquire all the items by myself, but I ask for your full cooperation by providing me with the necessary information I may ask for.

- If you want to, you can send me your item, especially sneakers to ensure your size and your shoe style preferences, but the delivery time may be a little longer, in addition to increase its price. I live in Ireland at the moment and there would be significant shipping costs if you were to send it from your country to Ireland and then, send it back to your country once it is finished. 

In case you want to send me the item, let me know in advance so I can readjust the budget.

Of course, but only for the hand-painted ones.

Printed designs can't be adjusted. The most important thing for me is each personalized item is unique and exclusive in the world. Altering printed items is not possible. 

On the other hand for hand painted items there is the "customizer" tool in the menu. The beginning of this project was to make your dreams and designs come true, and that essence will never leave. Custom orders are always possible.

Let me know whatever you have in mind, no matter how crazy it is. I will do my best to make it happen for you.

-As I said, each hand painted product is exclusive to you and each piece you purchase is unique in the world. That's why I don't repeat designs, and for sneakers I don't repeat designs in full pairs. Sometimes one of the designs is kept on one of the sneakers, on one of its sides.

Most of them are ideas that you create and I have only made them following your tastes. That's why I want to respect the ideas made by other customers.

If you have fallen madly in love with a design on a full pair, I will always ask you to change something from the original design.

YES, they can get wet.

-My recommendation is to wash them by hand, using cold water, and a soft cloth or sponge, to rub on the surface delicately if needed.

-I don't recommend putting any garment in the washing machine. There are many layers of paint and thin glazes which run the risk of being blurred if they are subjected to aggressive washing, like the spin of the washing machine and in high temperatures.

- Do not use hard bristle brushes or scouring pads that can scratch and damage the paint.

 Other less advisable procedures:

If you DO decide to wash them in the washing machine:

-High temperatures could melt the paint, so DON'T use the tumble dryer. Don't wash in hot water above 40 degrees.

-Even washing at less than 40 degrees some garments may lose the vividness in the colors and fade. I know that some garments or accessories must be machine washed, such as face masks. But keep this in mind.

-Under no circumstances use any corrosive product such as fabric softener, vinegar, baking soda or bleach.

The paints are special fabric paints, and are highly resistant, but it is up to you to take the best possible care of them so that they last over time.

-No. So you don't have to worry about it. These paints are acrylic and work like any other paint like this type: they are only diluted in water when they are wet and fresh. Once they are dry, it is impossible to dissolve them in water.
Just follow the washing instructions and everything will be fine.
-However, some care must be taken when rubbing. Even if they are quality paints specialized for textile fabrics, it is still a layer of paint on a surface. Just use my items normally, but try to take care of them and be aware of what they are.

-However, some care must be taken when rubbing. Even if they are quality paints specialized for textile fabrics, they are still a layer of paint on a surface. Just use my items without problems but in the same way, trying to take care of them and being aware of what they are.

Questions specific about canvas shoes

However you purchase your shoes, I will always need your foot measurement in centimeters or inches, exactly. This is essential because it is the only way to know from a distance the most universal measurement of your foot and to ensure the size. This is the only way to ensure that the shoes fit properly.

For items in stock and preorders I will attach the internal measurement in centimeters apart from the sizing at the time you are purchasing the items, so you will always have to measure your foot to purchase them (or find out the measurement of the foot of the person in question).

Below, I leave you a series of methods ordered in order of preference to get to know this measure:

-Mode 1: (most preferable) Lay your foot on a piece of paper on the floor. Outline the perimeter of your foot by drawing it on the paper sheet. Then, measure with a ruler from the end of the heel to the other most protruding end of your toes.

-Mode 2: Place your foot on a ruler placed on the floor. Get the resulting measurement from the heel to the most protruding of your toes.

Caution: Always specific measurements, not approximations.

Example: "24.25cm" correct

                  "Between 24 and 25cm" incorrect

-Mode 3 (less preferable): This method is the most used when the sneakers are a gift for someone else. Use a flexible (preferably) a sewing tape measure. Insert it inside an open shoe as far as possible, with no laces and the tongue stretched out.

Make sure the tape measure inserted is flat and parallel to the inside sole of the shoe. Measure from extreme to extreme of the shoe on the inside. Repeat the same operation several times to ensure that the measurement is correct.

This method can also be done by using a non-elastic string and passing the measurement obtained to a ordinary ruler.

Repeat the process several times to ensure that the resulting measurement is the same.

-Mode 4 (not advisable): If there is no way you can get the measurement of the foot, or the shoe, there is the option of choosing one size more than yours just to make sure you get it right. I repeat, it is not recommended, but it is a solution to this problem. You are responsible for the risk involved in sizing up.

I am not responsible if the shoe does not fit properly once purchased. This important part of the process is up to you and it is up to you to follow these specific instructions properly and without rushing so that you can get the right size for you. That is why I do not accept returns once delivered.

I insist very much on following this part correctly. It is important to be aware of it because it will help you find your perfect size. 

No! They are the style I started with because they are a type of shoe that I wear myself. Besides being a style that is easy to find, it is a style that lasts over time.

You can choose another style of shoe. The only requirement is that it is made of canvas, or fabric or even leatherette, and with enough space to be able to capture your designs.

Here you can see an example of a leather sandals painted with the same paints I use for canvas sneakers.

Surely many of you are afraid to wear your sneakers for fear of damaging them. You can use them without problems, really! Only with a series of precautions that I comment to you next:

It is very important as soon as you receive the shipment, before you can use them wait an extra time until they are completely dry. Let me explain:

The paint itself dries quickly, and only then I can prepare them, pack them and send them to you. They are because they don't stain at all since the paint is not fresh. Even so, I would say that this first drying phase corresponds to 80% of the total. That remaining 20% takes approximately 1 month or 2 months more, depending on the temperatures and atmospheric characteristics from where you live. 

At the end of an order, I fix the paint with iron heat, to seal it completely, but this particularity still happens.

But then... How to know then that they are completely dry?

It's not that complicated! Simply if when you touch the apparently completely dry surface of the paint you notice that it is a little sticky and that your finger remains slightly adhered to the paint surface, it means that there is still a little left to dry completely. It is like when you touch the sticky part of a sticker, but much lighter feeling.

Only when you feel the whole surface of the paint dry and without that sticky feeling described above, you will be able to put them on without problems. With certain precautions: avoid excessive rubbing at all times. 

Although the paint does not rub off when put in water, since it is a non-water-soluble acrylic paint once dry, the paint tends to become more delicate and "soft" if it gets wet. Therefore, it will be even more sensitive to friction in that state. Just be aware of this particularity and be careful in that case.

With all these warnings and precautions I do not want to induce more fear when using them, not at all!

I simply prefer to follow the rule of better safe than sorry.

I know that this is not a cheap product, that it is a unique and special piece that you do not want to spoil quickly. That is why I have to tell you all the necessary maintenance rules, so that they will last you a long time!

As always, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me, no matter how long you have had your shoes.

It's part of my job and I will be happy to answer your questions.

Questions specific about printed products

These are products (garments and various items) with original designs I have previously created which are printed on the fabric. 
These designs are based on original paintings using traditional procedures, such as acrylic or watercolour. 
These physical paintings are then digitised and edited using photoshop in order to include them in the final garments and articles.

No, you definitely can't do that, as they are not personalised products.
The idea of products with my own designs printed on them is to be able to reach customers with different budgets so that they can buy one of my products. But it does not mean that this can be done as a way of acquiring something personalised at a lower cost.
To make these designs I also have to spend a considerable amount of time creating and painting the artwork itself, then digitising it and converting it into real objects through editing and assembly.

It is an even more time-consuming process than painting directly onto an item. This process of creating and digitising a work can be carried out without any problems, because it means that I can make multiple items multiple times just by creating a single work.

But if, on the other hand, it is a single personalised item for a single client, it would not be cost-effective to go through the whole lengthy process just once just to try to get a product at a lower price. In fact, I would have to charge the price of the item plus the hours I would spend painting the artwork. 
For that reason, and I'm very sorry, I can't make the printed products personalised.
So perhaps the product you would be looking for would be one that is hand painted, which would be personalised, unique and exclusive.

The way in which the launch of these products works will be as follows:
I will personally and freely release designs at my own pace and according to my personal taste, always having the opportunity to ask you on my instagram and social networks which designs you would like so I can release designs that you can also enjoy and that you like too.
But they will NOT be personalised products in any way.

Do you have any further questions? .....

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