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What is Artax Dreams?

Artax Dreams started originally as a project of 4 different artists including myself. After a few years I took control of the business. At this point, I decided to take a different approach to the project: creating only handpainted fabric items, especially Converse-style canvas sneakers.

I, Helena, am the sole person behind Artax Dreams today, I have created a great amount of work throughout my 8 years and the improvement in the quality of my work is remarkable. The project has matured with time, my products have become more refined, and I have experienced immense personal growth as well.

Artax Dreams is mainly focused on the customization of fabric products that are totally unique and exclusive. Each piece is made with  extreme care, quality, and detail …but most importantly, my main goal is to make your dreams come true.

“I do my work with so much care and affection that I consider part of my own essence and soul to be embedded in them”

Who is Helena?

 I’m Helena with an H. Originally from Seville, a beautiful city in the south of Spain. Lately, I have been living in the beautiful Emerald Isle of Ireland for about three years. Specifically in a small town in the west called Westport.

After a few years of carrying on with my business, Artax Dreams from Spain, I decided to give myself a break by trying a new experience in Ireland working as an Au Pair. After a year, and realizing how much I missed it, I decided to reopen Artax Dreams from this new country…

My goal was to broaden my knowledge and experience on a personal level, as well as improving my English. I soon realized that the latter was the key to opening up a wider market for my business project, so I did it!

Currently I balance my work on this project with my job as a waitress. I hope that one day I´ll able to dedicate myself just to Artax Dreams!

A bit of my life...

I studied Fine Arts at the University of Seville, and I specialized in Restoration and Conservation of Cultural Heritage. 

Although I have a degree in Restoration, I have always been more inclined towards painting and drawing. As a child I always had a pencil in my hand, so my artistic ability was always in continuous practice. Many call it a gift, I prefer to consider it practice and training.  With that being said, launching myself into this project was not very complicated and happened practically by accident.

Working with shoes was a new way to experiment with another style of “canvas” but continuing to do what I had been doing all my life: drawing.

Thanks to Artax Dreams I improved my painting techniques as well as growing in fields that were totally new to me like: product photography, photo/video editing, online marketing, product preparation and packaging, business knowledge, customer service and much more.

Me, myself and my shoes.

 If I were to describe Artax Dreams in a more spiritual way, I would say that I make people’s dreams come true. It feels great to be part of those special moments in my customers’ lives, when they choose me and my work to make their ideas a reality. When people want to give something very special and unique to an important person in their lives, my customers, without knowing it, are offering me a gift as well, Their lovely reactions and stories are an immaterial gift but very rewarding nonetheless. This connection with them and their satisfaction fills my heart so much. It is a spiritual exchange, because part of my soul and my essence is embedded in every product I paint. Ultimately, part of me goes with these artworks, and therefore, with them.

I love to think that many of my pieces are spread around the world in caring and loving hands.

Thank you all for letting me be a part of your stories. Without you none of this would be possible and I know that. Thanks to your love, Artax Dreams will continue to grow.

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